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3 cloud mining recommendations Mei 2024


3 cloud mining recommendations 2024

Hello, meet us again. Now we will discuss 3 recommendations for coincrypto cloud mining. Cryptocurrencies can be a very valuable asset at this time and can become a new business sector. For example, bitcoin has now reached a price of $61,585, which is the highest price in history. Even though when Bitcoin first appeared, the price was only $0.0009.

Not only bitcoin, there are other coins such as ethereum, which first appeared in 2013 at a price of $2.83; now, in 2024, the price will reach $3,009. From the conclusion above, crypto coins can become an attractive business and investment in the years to come.

To get crypto coins there are several ways, from buying them, getting them by mining with physical devices such as VGA, laptops or other devices, and also cloud mining, namely mining without using physical devices.

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There are many cloud mining companies on the internet, but not all cloud mining is proven to pay or produce results. Here are 3 cloud mining recommendations that are proven to produce results. Some of the factors that we use as a reference for recommendations are:

- proven to produce and pay

- easy to do

- been in operation for a long time.

Here are 3 recommendations for cloud mining 2024:

1.              Roller Coin

Founded in 2018 and still proven to pay today. Roller coin is actually website-based, which means it can be accessed via cellphone or other computer devices, so it is flexible in using it.

How to get Coins on Roller Coin in brief: Roller Coin is a game-based cloud mining. So in Roller Coin we need power to mine Bitcoin and others. Power can be obtained by playing the games provided by roller coin. The more power we have, the more coins we get.

Our Roller Coin can mine bitcoin, solana, dogecoin and others.


Disadvantages of Roller Coin: the power we get from playing games will be reset every day. So every day we have to start from 0 again and play the game again to get the power.

2.              Emberfund

It was first released in 2020 and until now it is 2024, meaning it has been 4 years and is still proven to pay. How to get coins on Emberfund:

It's quite simple, just press the earn button and it will automatically mine bitcoin. But every 12 hours it will stop, so you have to press the earn button again every 12 hours. The playing system at Emberfund is different from roller coin, roller coin gets power from playing games, while Emberfund has to invite friends to increase income. For 1 account there is a maximum of 50 friends and 1 friend is rewarded with 2 solana, so for 50 friends that means 100 solana.

In 1 month, according to my personal experience, if you can invite 50 people, you will earn $25 - $30 at the current bitcoin price.

Lack :

Inviting friends is limited to 50 so the maximum income is only about $25-$30 and cannot increase if the price of bitcoin does not rise.

3.              CryptoTab

Almost the same as Emberfund in terms of how to play, but the difference is that the mining process takes 24 hours while Emberfund takes 12 hours. To get more income, you have to invite friends whose system is the same as Emberfund.

Disadvantages: bigger Emberfund for mining payments. The withdrawal process takes 2-3 months.

That's all the information about 3 recommendations for cloud mining in 2024 that are proven to pay and are easy to do. Please seek more information before you decide anything. Hopefully this article is useful, thank you.

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