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Choosing Insurance for Old Age in 2024

Choosing Insurance for Old Age in 2024

Insurance is part of financial planning. Who knows and can guarantee your finances for the following year? Because of this uncertainty, there is something called insurance.

Insurance has various forms and choices, ranging from life insurance, education insurance, vehicle insurance and many others. Why is insurance so important? Yes, because insurance can minimize the worst possible situation for your finances.

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For example, you currently have an income of 10 million per month. And you have 3 children who are still studying at junior high school level. You imagine that in about 3–4 years your child will go to college, and it will cost around 300 million. Of course, you will save and prepare with your 10 million income. But what if your 10 million income disappears in 2 years, because maybe you lose money, or you leave the company?

With child education insurance, the cost of entering college will be covered by the insurance company. Because you have followed this insurance since your child was small. That is one of the advantages of getting insurance. The following insurance options are important for your life:

1. Life Insurance

What is life insurance? Life insurance is insurance that will protect your finances if the head of the family or the person who is the backbone of your family dies. Then the family left behind will get financial protection from the insurance company.

2. Pension Insurance

This insurance is important because an employee's income when working and when retired or no longer working will be different. Of course, more while still actively working. There are many experiences in society that someone will have financial difficulties in retirement because the financial burden is still large and the person is no longer working. Pension Insurance is insurance that has been subscribed to by someone who is still working at a company. And you will get financial protection when the person no longer works for a company.

3. Education Insurance

This education insurance is intended for young children so that when they grow up, school fees will no longer be a burden on parents. Apart from that, school costs will increase every year, it is unlikely that the costs will decrease every year. Education insurance is a solution for those of you parents who want to reduce your child's school costs in the future.

That's all the information about insurance options in old age. Before you decide on something, please look for more information so that you don't make the wrong decision. Hopefully it's useful. Thank you very much.

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