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How to play Android games so that the network runs smoothly

How to play Android games so that the network runs smoothly

Hello, good people all over the world! This time we will discuss networking in Android games. Games are no longer negative nowadays. Because through games, we can make money and achieve achievements. The existence of sports held domestically or internationally has made more and more game enthusiasts.

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There are many games that we can play and that are popular, such as Mobile Legend, Free Fire, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and others. Games are actually divided into two categories, namely online and offline games. Offline games do not require an internet network, while online games are very dependent on the internet network.

Let's take the example of Mobile Legend and Free Fire games, which require an internet network. Not just an ordinary internet network but a stable internet network to get good ping.

1. Get to know dedicated networks.

Internet networks are generally divided into several types, including dedicated and broadband networks. The broadband network is an internet network generally used in homes. The written example has a speed of 20 MB, and we checked that this speed appears. But why does playing games freeze or have high ping?

The broadband internet network provides internet services with unstable download and upload speeds, sometimes going up and sometimes down. So that's what makes it not run smoothly when used to play games.

This is different from a dedicated network, which is an internet network with very stable download and upload speeds. For example, if it has a speed of 5 MB, every time it is used, it will be stable at 5 MB. So to play games, use a dedicated network.

2. Use a WiFi network and SIM.

Why use two networks? Yes, because in games like Mobile Legend, it is very influential. When the WiFi network is unstable, the game will automatically switch the network to the internet SIM on Android. So the ping you get will always be stable.

Apart from that, it will save battery usage and heat on Android. If you only use an internet SIM, the cellphone will work hard, always looking for a signal from the cellphone to the BTS and playing graphics all the time. In contrast to using WiFi, the cellphone will be lighter because the router on the WiFi will look for signals from the BTS, and the cellphone will only receive signals from the router, which is located closer.

I hope this information is useful to you. It is better to be an expert in one area than to be average in several.

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