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How to Replace an Asus Laptop Battery


How to Replace an Asus Laptop Battery

Hi, repair friends.

Meet again with us, generous admin, to share knowledge with all of you. This time, we will discuss laptop batteries. Laptops are a very flexible computer innovation because they are small and can be taken anywhere. Laptops have batteries to store power, so they can be turned on without being plugged into a direct power supply. This is different from a personal computer, which has to be plugged into an electric current to be turned on.

What if the laptop battery life is no longer working properly? Can it be replaced even though the battery on the laptop is a built-in battery? The answer is, of course, possible because all electronics can actually be repaired.

Have you ever experienced a laptop that had to be charged all the time because the battery was damaged or no longer functioning properly? 

1. Get to know the laptop battery built-in.

The built-in battery is a laptop battery that is located inside the laptop casing, so it cannot be removed from the outside. If you want to remove it, you have to open the casing first. The built-in battery is not visible from the outside because it is covered by a casing.

2. Get to know the laptop battery non built-in.

A non-implanted battery is a laptop battery that is outside the laptop casing and can be easily removed from the laptop body. It can be concluded that this type of battery is visible from the outside.


- The laptop battery is no longer functioning at all.
- The laptop battery is no longer able to store maximum power.
- replacing the Asus laptop battery.

To replace the battery in an Asus laptop, you can follow these steps:

1. Power Off the Laptop: Ensure the laptop is turned off and disconnected from any power sources.

2. Turn Over the Laptop: Flip the laptop over to access the bottom panel.

3. Remove Screws: Unscrew all the screws securing the bottom panel using the appropriate screwdriver.

4. Remove Bottom Panel: Carefully remove the bottom panel to expose the battery.

5. Disconnect the Battery: If the battery is secured with screws, remove them. If it's a built-in battery, gently disconnect any connectors or latches.

6. Insert New Battery: There are two ways to replace the battery. The first is to replace the embedded battery in the package with the container. So installation simply involves connecting the battery socket to the laptop, as shown in the following image.

Meanwhile, the second way is to just replace the battery components without buying a container. This method is a little complicated because you need to open the battery compartment by unsoldering each battery inside. After that, replace all the batteries in the container with new batteries and resolder them according to the original groove.

7. Reattach Bottom Panel: Replace the bottom panel and screw it back in place.

8. Power On the Laptop: Turn on the laptop to ensure the new battery is functioning correctly.

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